The Ontario Science Centre’s Redshift Report

The Ontario Science Centre is one of those places YOU’VE GOT TO SEE.

And take your kids, because they’ll love it, too.

The architecture is fabulous, the displays are INTERACTIVE, and the hydraulic organ — the world’s largest hydraulophone — is available for playing 24 hours a day.  This is a BIG museum.  There are several hundred exhibits touching on a wide range of sciences, from geology to astrobiology.

The museum is constantly being updated — a strong funding organization keeps the Centre in the Top Ten of the World’s Best Science Museums.

AND they produce a science podcast!  Called the Redshift Report, the museum answers your questions.  A large, animated, interesting group of “researcher-scientists” join host Ken Huxley in tackling all kinds of subjects.  Here’s a quick list of recent topics:

How many people can the Earth support?

What are some of the weird ways that animals communicate?

Is the Rock-Paper-Scissors game just blind luck?

What’s in store for the future of space exploration?

Through the kindness and dedication of the Centre’s Kevin Von Appen, the OSC has made more than 100 broadcasts available to you.  Each is a gem — full of insight, broadening your understanding of science, and with a side order of fun as well.

It is through kind action, benevolent work, that we are able to bring you such excellent programming.  Many people helped.  I bless them all and thank them for the contribution to Radio Newark and to you.

Thank you, Ontario Science Centre.  Go there and have some fun!

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