“Experimental” Podcast Joins Omnibus / Radio Newark


“Experimental” Joins Omnibus / Radio Newark

Experimental Popular Science Podcast popsciCreated in 2011, the Experimental Podcast was conceived out of the Banff Science Communications program as a way for career science communicators to continue creating interesting content while practicing their writing, editing and audio recording / editing skills. Each podcast is three to seven minutes in length and covers a popular science topic of interest. There have been numerous contributors to the podcast, but it is produced, directed and hosted by Scott Unger.

The material covered on Experimental ranges from natural science (as in “Flirty Monkeys Throw Stones at Males To Get Their Attention”) to stuff that’s just plain interesting.  (See “Human Yawning Makes Dogs Yawn Too!”)  What makes these segments notable is that they are STORIES.  There is a well-crafted beginning, middle, and end to what plays out, with great sound effects and bed music throughout each piece.

Executive Producer Scott Unger does a great job of keeping the production values very high.  The material is lively, of interest to many, and relies on a number of expert science communicators for content, so there are different views and different voices from week to week.  Altogether “good stuff” as you’ll soon see.

Experimental will be making its debut on Radio Newark / Omnibus in March, 2014.  Let me know what you think!

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