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What if there is extraterrestrial intelligence?

Turns out there’s a bunch of geniuses at the SETI Institute asking the same question.

The SETI Institute is made up of real scientists doing real science.  Using GIGANTIC RADIO TELESCOPE ARRAYS the way we use car keys.

“Work at the Center is divided into two areas: Research and Development, and Projects. R&D efforts include the development of new signal processing algorithms, new search technology, and new SETI search strategies that are then incorporated into specific observing projects. The algorithms and technology developed in the lab are first field-tested and then implemented during observing. The observing results are used to guide the development of new hardware, software, and observing facilities. The improved SETI observing projects in turn provide new ideas for research and development. This cycle leads to continuing progress and diversification in our ability to search for extraterrestrial signals.”

( THAT sounds like awesome fun to me.)

Science Radio Doesn’t Have to be Dull

As funding for the SETI Institute is primarily donations from individuals and grants from private foundations, they have gotten very good at marketing and promotion.  One of their best outreach efforts is their weekly radio show, Big Picture Science.

Big Picture Science takes on big questions by interviewing leading researchers and weaving together their stories of discovery in a clever and off-kilter narrative style.  Science radio doesn’t have to be dull.  The only dry thing about our program is the humor.”

Really, it’s even better than that.

Hosts Dr. Seth Shostak and Molly Bently have been making Great Radio for ten years.  They sound the way dance partners look, flowing smoothly, effortless, vigorously across synthetic biology and quantum computing.  Having fun all the while.

HERE’S THE REALLY GOOD NEWS — Big Picture Science is coming to Radio Newark!

Barbara Vance and Jazz Beitler at creative PR made it possible for Big Picture Science to fit the bite-size radio format you love.  (We call it “short attention span radio!”  Ha!)  They took on extra work in order to get one of the finest, most intelligent science radio shows delivered to your ears.  Thank you Barbara, and thank you Jazz!

Big Picture Science is a national hit.  Now it’s up to you to make it an INTERNATIONAL hit!

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